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The team behind Altcoin Initiative are expert cryptocurrency traders previously holding a majority of existing cryptos including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many more while trading on all exchange types including centralized, decentralized and hybrid. As early adopters of both major and minor cryptos, we have experienced substantial gains and possess the necessary resources to identify crypto breakout opportunities, market safe havens and signals of volatility. We fully embrace the seismic shift resulting from an outgoing fiat system as the inevitable progression towards a safer, more stable and empowering future currency founded on decentralized digital technology.  

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Altcoin Initiative, What We Do

We give money-motivated individuals streamlined access to advantageous positions in current and emerging
crypto markets with all the support, knowledge and initiative to gain a major foothold in the digital economy.

We Connect You to Our Network


We create a financial footprint on our clients’ behalf with a custom ID for email, networking and trading as well as exclusive access to the Altcoin Initiative database of real-time updates, source materials and meetings with team.

We Set Up Your Wallet


We open and activate all major virtual wallets on your behalf and walk you through crypto transactions, withdrawals and security before handing you the keys and providing ongoing support. 

We Validate You for Trading


We register our clients with leading crypto platforms and obtain a valid crypto exchange card which can be used to securely buy and sell a wide range of cryptocurrencies on certified exchanges.

We Set Up All Major Exchanges


We open an account on all major exchanges and enable crypto trading with the click of a button. We familiarize clients with the advantages of certain exchanges and those best suited to their goals at any given time. 

We Build Out Your Portfolio


We create a foundation for portfolio growth with a strategic assessment of your investment goals and identify the most compatible cryptocurrencies in line with your finances, risk capacity and available opportunities.

We Teach You How to Trade


We show you how to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in reflection of market trends, emerging coin types, and various factors that contribute to optimal positions based on your short-term or long-term goals.

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