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Blockchain Rookie

An introduction to the world of crypto with all the resources you need to trade and make profit.

Blockchain Pro

An advanced platform for the experienced crypto investor who wants to gain undercurrent insights, knowledge and positions.

Wallet Warrior

The Blockchain Rookie package supported by exclusive training with our Wallet Warrior Partners for rapid advancement and experience.

Wallet Warrior Pro

The Altcoin Initiative all-inclusive package for novice and advanced traders alike with the opportunity to earn recruitment income for every referral.

Altcoin Initiative

Forging Space in a New Economy Why You Should Trust Us


We are Professional

E-business interfaces

Our system is designed to produce skilled crypto traders in a minimal amount of time through hand-held exposure to various crypto types and exchanges.


We are Experts

Product business pro

We are early adopters of cryptocurrency and a touchpoint for the latest crypto innovations, technologies, trends and trading tactics.


We are affordable

Supply customer quality

We make crypto specialism accessible to all in an emerging and exclusively expensive industry that has only begun.

We stay waaaaay ahead of the curve

We remain on the initiative and are always on the lookout for emerging breakthroughs still at ground level while capitalizing on sentiments, trends, policies and regulations in favor of a decentralized currency.

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